Phoenix Warrior

I wear my scars proudly. They are my battle wounds.

The more I stay here the more I keep being rebroken. There are only so many times I can find all the pieces of me to put back together. I am afraid of missing what could become if I leave but afraid of what I may wilt away to if I stay. You warned me that you could never love me and I should have listened but I was a fool I believed in love and hoped my love would be enough but instead it’s tearing my soul away. I wish it didn’t have to be like this but like you said nothing last forever. I love you my friend.


One thought on “Fragments of my soul

  1. Sandy says:

    Shae – Such sorrow and loss in your post…

    …but your writing soars!

    You speak of being re-broken, and fearing that you won’t be able to gather up, yet again, all the familiar pieces which will make you whole.

    Consider carefully those pieces of armour you cast about for. Take some of them back up, and maybe leave openings for what might come next.

    You recognize the risk of fading away (just as you’re coming into your own!), if you patch yourself together simply because you might miss out on something.

    I know you won’t wilt in the sunlight. : )

    If staying means being re-broken, then leave.
    Put your pieces back together, but see what happens if you leave space.
    Words like “afraid” (twice), “missing”, “wilt”, “fool”, and “warned”, should not pop up in a paragraph about anyone’s hopes for the future.

    Remind me that I wasn’t to give advice… : )

    Best – smosss

    Except for this:

    PS I’ve called the Employee Assistance Program in the past, and they are great. If nothing else, it’s six free therapist visits. (Pretty much pick your own…) I’m going to text the number to your phone now. You should be so proud that, given the potential field of triggers, you still thrive and excel in a workplace with several associates and (literally) hundreds of customers!!


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