Phoenix Warrior

I wear my scars proudly. They are my battle wounds.

I’m sorry everyone that I haven’t been writing! At first I was having a tough time with things in my life then I dove deep into one of my passions in life. My business. I have been starting my own natural skin care line and it brings me so much joy and sense of accomplishment​! There are a few inspirations and drives behind how it all started.  Let’s rewind back to my life in San Francisco to start. That’s where I became friends with my amazing best friend​ Mel. I was struggling physically due to my physical issues and the high volume stores I was working at back then so taking baths became my saving grace if only for momentary relief. Then the awesome Mel introduced me to a whole new bath world! She showed me how to make ordinary bath salts into a healing retreat. She showed me how to take dried herbs that help according to what you need and grind them with a mortar and pestal to create a magical bath experience. Then to really ruin me for life she took me to the most amazing store ever that you can buy bulk salts and herbs. Oh how I miss that store.

So now I live in Nashville and shortly after moving here I meet my Nashville bestie Christopher. We both liked natural products as well and he introduced me to diffusers​ and what goes into them? Essential oils! That’s when my obsession really began to take off. I started reading a lot about what oils do what and wanted to know more. Started incorporating them into my bath soak mixture and then next thing you know I am where I am now. Still learning all I can, trying new recipes and everything in between. I have really been enjoying making different body oils, trying to perfect body lotion and body wash as well as anything natural I can make instead of buying from the store full of chemicals.

So thanks to my dear friends and family as well as my past I have been given inspiration and drive to find my niche in life aside from helping others. It also helps me so much with my emotional issues when I’m working on my products I feel so happy and creative. Feel free to pop over to my Instagram or Facebook and see what I’m up to in my apothecary adventures! Also if your interested in any of my products feel free to message me in any format I am also willing to ship.


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